The Bee Informed Partnership research website is the repository for all our past and ongoing management reportscolony loss reports, dynamic colony loss maps by state,  and annual surveys, hive scale and sentinel apiary projects as well as our fascinating blogs and information about our highly trained technical transfer teams. This agricultural and epidemiological research focuses on improving honey bee health and reporting on the sample collection and resulting analysis to quickly relay important trends.

We are excited to work with ALL beekeepers and believe in empowering all operations with near real time data to make informed management decisions to increase colony survival. Please visit that site for information on best management practices in your region, to sign up for our real time disease load monitoring sampling, and to order an emergency response kit.


Grant Request:

Proposals are accepted to meet very defined needs articulated by the board. Generally, groups or institutions are invited to submit a proposal to meet a particular need of the Bee Informed Partnership Technical Transfer teams.  Interested parties who want to apply for a grant should talk to a board member before generating a proposal.

The Bee Informed Partnership will pay up to 10% indirect costs (IDCs) and no indirect costs on equipment purchases over $5,000.  BIP pays no overhead on awarded grants.