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Our core mission is to provide the resources needed to increase colony survivorship by providing relevant, timely colony data for beekeepers to make informed management decisions. We provide educational resources and information on the importance of honey bees for our food supply and those issues impacting honey bee health to the public and to beekeepers. We remain hopeful that reducing colony loss is an achievement that all beekeepers can make and we are passionate about making that happen.

We began as a consortium grant led by the University of Maryland and funded by USDA-NIFA but became a non-profit in 2014 to continue our valuable work between commercial beekeepers and our technical transfer teams as well as those diagnostic and outreach services to all beekeepers. We are a member of MD Non Profits, http://www.marylandnonprofits.org/, an organization that helped us as an emerging nonprofit and continues to guide us in best practices.

Our highly trained technical transfer teams provide independent colony health assessments, colony sampling, full pest and pathogen diagnostics, and reporting of those assessments. We deliver emergency response kits to those operations of any size to assist in determine or rule out reasons for failing colonies. We promote and manage a large, national Sentinel Apiary program where we encourage beekeepers from each state to monitor colony weight along with health metrics to add to the national database for relationships between forage, nectar flows and diseases. Our non profit works directly with private companies to set up, test and analyze field trials of new feed or treatment products. We continue to annually survey beekeepers of all operational sizes for winter, summer and annual losses as well as collect and make available those management practices that are associated with increased survivorship. Those data can be found on our beeinformed.org and bip2.beeinformed.org websites.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization governed by a nine member board. Our board members represent a mix of commercial beekeepers, top beekeeping scientists and epidemiologists as well as leaders in other honey bee organizations.

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If you would like to check out what we research we are conducting, please view our research site here: https://beeinformed.org/